KEEP ME SAFE: Supporting youth peer development tacking sexual abuse 

A transnational project bringing together experts from organisations across 6 EU countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Slovenia, United Kingdom) to counteract sexual violence by:

  • Fostering youth agency
  • Promoting youth worker’s capacity to identify risks & counteract them through youth work
  • Producing a Competence Framework for European youth workers in the field of prevention and an awareness raising of sexual abuse


Promote a youth-led peer support programme that enables youth-workers to enhance young people’s capacity to protect themselves and their peers against sexual abuse


Keep Me Safe Youth Workers Development Curriculum

To develop the capacity of youth workers in the field of awareness and prevention of sexual abuse of young people.

Keep Me Safe Youth Peers Training

To equip youth workers to facilitate and support young people themselves to form peer support and learning groups, working  together through a peer-to-peer support strategy. 

Keep Me Safe Mobile Digital APP

To promote a mobile learning resource that can be used by youth workers and youth peers enhancing access to information and communication strategies